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This is a page for miscellaneous utility programs.

The applications here are all written and tested under Windows XP but as far as I am aware they should work under any version of Windows from Windows 95 onwards…

Quick Read-Only

Quick Read-Only is a Windows Explorer context menu extension to allow easy viewing and modification of the read-only attribute of files. It is written in Delphi and is free and open source.

Download: Quick Read-Only 0.1.0 Setup(Source Code).

Quick Read-Only is built using Jim Kueneman’s excellent EasyNSE component set for Delphi. If you are a Delphi developer and interested in creating tools that interact with the Windows shell I would strongly recommend you check it out. It makes writing this kind of program incredibly simple and, not only that, Jim provides first-class support at his website too.


[The selected files are not read-only]

[Some of the selected files are read-only, some are not]

[The selected files are read-only]

[In the submenu you can set the files' read-only attribute]

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