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On this page are a few audio utilities. They are all free and open source.

The applications here are all written and tested under Windows XP but as far as I am aware they should work under any version of Windows from Windows 95 onwards…


LameTag.exe is a Windows command-line utility to read the LAME tag from an mp3 file. It is written in Delphi and is free and open source. There is also a GUI which needs to be installed separately… scroll down the page for details.

Download: LameTag 0.4.1(Source Code).

(Note: Windows 95/98/ME users please scroll to the bottom of the page for details of an older version that is known to work with those operating systems)


  • Reads every field from the LAME tag.
  • Guesses the LAME preset used if it is not stored
  • Calculates the actual CRCs to compare with those stored
  • Unicode-friendly

[Screenshot of LameTag.exe]


LameTagGUI is a GUI interface for LameTag.exe. This is also a free, open source Delphi application.

Download: LameTagGUI 0.2.0(Source Code).

Many thanks to James Heinrich who wrote the initial versions of this GUI and provided a lot of useful advice and support for the LameTag project.

[Screenshot of LameTagGUI]


The LAME tag only contains up to five characters of the version number (eg. “3.96.” instead of “3.96.1”). However, the full version number is often stored in the mp3 file’s padding. I’ve built a small command-line utility called LameVersion.exe to read and display this value. It is written in Delphi and is free and open source… it uses modified code from the ATL.

Download: LameVersion 0.1.0. The zip file contains LameVersion.exe and the source code.

LameTag for Windows 95/98/ME

I’ve uploaded an older version of LameTag (0.3.3) since euphonic on Hydrogen Audio informed me that version 0.4.1 doesn’t behave with Windows 9x. If you wish to use this version of LameTag together with LameTagGUI then you will also need an older version (0.1.3) of LameTagGUI. Download: LameTag 0.3.3 & LameTagGUI 0.1.3.

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